+ Chance to win our 200$ Gift Card!

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FREE baby samples + 20 Baby-Dollars

+ Chance to win our 200$ Gift Card!


This Website is for Future and New Moms of Babies under 12 Months.

The moms-to-be website has provided information, free samples for baby and other freebies to more than 300 000 members, from 2009 to date. Just look at the testimonials and our monthly draw winners and you will understand why our network is so appreciated by parents and parents-to-be!

On top of giving away those baby free samples and having our monthly draw, we also offer Baby-dollars to our new members who register, but also if they refer other moms-to-be or new moms, who will also get a bunch of Baby-Dollars to shop for free in our very exclusive collections of gifts and tools that can be found in our online catalogue.

Take immediately advantage our offer, and refer future and new moms-to-be from your acquaintance!

Due to COVID-19, please expect up to 9 weeks before your first sample will arrive

Our product partners have a temporary disruption due to COVID19 (NOTE: we don't send or manage products). It's estimated to take 3-4 months before this goes back to normal but will be based entirely on the COVID19 situation. We cannot control this in any way or form

If you are like most moms-to-be, you probably keep looking for the best for your newborn, including free baby samples if you can. As you are looking for everything you need for baby, wondering about baby names or comparing due date calculators, you will feel reassured that our network can offer you many freebies and tools to help and guide you during that time.

Furthermore, you will automatically take part in our monthly draw, which is the opportunity to get our “Welcome to the family” gift card, worth $200, delivered to your door. Many women would probably consider getting pregnant just to receive such a gift, and it will delight moms-to-be and more!

Also, not only will you be able to redeem the Baby-Dollars you will have received after signing up, but you will also be able to gather as many Baby-Dollars as you wish by encouraging your friends, women getting pregnant, moms-to-be and more, to also enjoy the benefits of our network. Take a moment to register now!


The reality of free stuff for babies

We have seen, on forums on the web, that many moms-to-be and new moms get annoyed in their search of free samples. Messages like: “Freebies? I never got them!” and “But now they have my number and email address and keep soliciting me” are frequent.

This frustration has encouraged us, at the Baby Loving Care Network, to have a different approach. Of course, we believe these angry moms-to-be, because we know that if important baby product providers are the ones ultimately responsible for shipping the freebies, there is little that can be done when moms get nothing. We have been on the market for a long time, and we have seen many small companies start on the Internet, and ruthlessly use parents’ contact details, without keeping their part of the bargain and sending free samples.

To make sure that you sign up on a respectable site, have a look at the privacy policy. Is it unclear, too short, or not even there? Forget it. And make sure that the website is clear about the samples offered, and there are testimonials and names of winners if there is a draw.

Maybe you have had so many bad experiences that you don’t believe you can receive free stuff in Canada. However, we can assure you that our systems are extremely reliable and always deliver our part of the bargain: your details are sent immediately and electronically to the baby products providers, ordering your free samples directly.

How are the offers from the Baby Loving Care network better than the other offers?

Our network has been active since 2009, and our offer has continuously and constantly improved. We strive to be as independent as possible from the baby product providers that offer free samples for babies. That’s why we have created our exclusive and unique collections of gifts and tools, which are all very relevant and useful for moms and moms-to-be.

Are you going to send us free stuff, + your Baby-Dollars + the draw of the gift card?

Yes, exactly! We always send your order for freebies to the baby product providers, electronically and automatically. Please be aware that the result only depends on them. However, you can be sure that we always send your request, and many testimonials have shown that members do receive the freebies they expected.

What will I get, in addition to the free baby samples?

Well, you get a chance to win our fantastic “Welcome to the family” gift card, worth $200, which will be drawn monthly. If you are still sceptical, please look at the list of testimonials and previous winners on our home page!

Thanks to our constant innovation, you will also take part in our "Baby-Dollars" program, which will allow you to get for free many gifts and UNIQUE tools, which have been created for your baby and yourself. Through this program, you can quickly and easily earn Baby-Dollars, which can then be redeemed against exclusive gifts from our unique collections. Have a look through the catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for moms and moms-to-be by clicking here

How can I join your network easily?

Click here... You will receive 20 Baby-Dollars straight away. With these Baby-Dollars, you will be able to buy items from our "Catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for moms and moms-to-be" as soon as your registration is complete.

Can I get more Baby-Dollars to buy more gifts?

We take pride in saying: Of course you can!

You just need to ask a friend or relative, who is also a parent-to-be or new parent, to subscribe, as you just did, to the Baby Loving Care network. That way, they will have the same free and amazing benefits as you, and YOU will immediately receive 30 additional Baby-Dollars as soon as they register. That’s how we get to thank you for introducing a new member to our network and the many benefits it offers, including the baby free samples. And with these additional Baby-Dollars, you will be able to redeem other UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE gifts from our catalog, FOR FREE!

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