Before contacting us, please have a look at the FAQ section below. We automatically and immediately send the information you provide during the registration process to each relevant baby products manufacturer. You should expect to receive your first free samples within 6 to 8 weeks after signing up.

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We are a non-profit organization helping expecting women in need. We would like to receive your samples and products for the women in our center.

Congratulations for your center! Every person who registers on our website gives us the permission to request free samples in their name. Unfortunately, we cannot make collective requests to all baby samples companies. However, you can contact those companies directly. Of course, we would like to do our part. We are currently studying the possibility to “help” a good cause. This will be made possible by you, dear visitors! Thank you

Your registration form is too long and you ask too many questions, why?

We also think the form is too long. However, this information is asked by our suppliers. They offer free samples to “study” the market just like a survey. It’s very important to answer adequately to them, because too many “wrong” answers could result in the end of free samples.

I don’t understand why you don’t have the choice « unknown » to the question « gender ». I don’t know the gender yet and I don’t know what to answer.

This question is very popular!  We know that it can be frustrating but it also comes from the suppliers.  If we allowed you not to choose the gender on our website, we would end up having to choose for you.  Most of our suppliers send neutral samples anyway!

I try to register but it says that I’m already registered and it’s not true.

There are several possible explanations to this:

  • Our network consists of several websites. You may therefore have registered previously to another website from our network, which may have a different visual appearance.
  • Someone may have registered you. This is however forbidden and seen as wrongdoing under the law, as it is a false statement.
  • Someone may have signed up from the same computer as the one you are currently using, as our duplicate subscription detection system is very sensitive to the origin of the registration.

I’m already registered with one of your supplier; can I register to your website anyway?

Of course!  However, most suppliers only send one set of samples per household; you may not receive it a second time.

Can I share with you my questions and comments about your suppliers’ products

No.  We are not affiliated with the suppliers, so we encourage you to contact them directly.

I did not receive my activation email.

Please check your spam box.  If our email is not there, you may have made an error in your email address.

May I register someone ELSE to your website?

No, because the subscribers must certify that all information provided in the form are true, and are their own, by checking the mutual agreement checkbox. This has to be done before clicking on the “Submit” button. Therefore, registering a third party is considered as a false statement and is seen as wrongdoing under the law.

May I change my address after signing up?

We immediately transfer your information to all baby product providers as soon as you register. No feature allows us to modify your details after that. Therefore, you will need to contact the customer support of all baby product providers yourself, in order to change your address directly with them.

May I unsubscribe from your network?

Absolutely! And we will cease all communication with you as a result. However, you need to understand that your registration with the different baby product manufacturers, and their partners, will still be active. You will therefore need to unsubscribe from the baby product providers directly by contacting their customer support yourself.

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