How to feel as healthy, fit and energetic as possible during pregnancy

So you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant. Like many other moms to be and more, you want to pick baby names, look for a due date calculator, and look at happy newborn pictures. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of that special time:

1. Keep exercising. In fact, it may be more harmful to stop exercising. Unless the doctor puts you on bed-rest, there is no reason why you shouldn't incorporate as many different sports as possible during your 9 month stint. Aerobic breathing increases oxygen, which in turn nourishes the baby, and keeps mom alert. The first 3 months can be the toughest to get through, simply due to stress and increased fatigue, as getting pregnant means a lot of changes in your body. Go for a brisk walk outdoors, go for a short run, do yoga, swim, keep active around the house. As long as you incorporate naps and more sleep in your schedule, this extra exercise will only help you get through your day. And will give you more happy moments thinking about baby names or looking at newborn pictures and imagining you holding your little one. Exercise increases stamina which you will need during the last few months, and especially during labor.

2. Go organic. It is more expensive to eat certified organic foods. In fact my grocery bill doubled when I decided I would stop eating hormone-injected meats, and processed foods which have chemicals you don't even want to know about. I decided, as a gift to my baby, I would only eat grass fed meats, and dairy, free range chicken eggs, certified organic fruit and veggies, and sustainable fish and seafood. There is a lot of research, time, and money involved in this way of life, but try to cut back somewhere else in your budget. Moms to be and more deserve a clean body, and your baby deserves pesticide-free foods. Resolve to do this for 9 months, and more if possible. Maybe you will find interesting ways of saving money in others areas, for instance, clothing, transportation (remember, you are walking everywhere now), or even hair salons (no more dyeing hair or going for expensive cuts, besides, your hair has a mind of its own right now).

3. Use natural remedies for various aches and pains. Incorporate ginger in your diet (buy a juicer and make juice with a bit of ginger every day as that will help you with nausea). Try acupuncture. I've used it to relieve my sciatica, heartburn, sweet tooth, allergies, irritability and headaches. Experiment with natural oils. Try wheat germ with lavender as a belly rub. Add spearmint oil to a bit of water in a bowl you keep by your nightstand to relieve morning sickness.

4. Keep a positive attitude. If you believe that pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life, and that with each passing day after you have looked at your due date calculator, you are getting more and more in touch with yourself as a woman and with your new baby, you will quickly forget about the minor inconveniences you need to adjust to for the following months ahead.

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