3 Things You Need to Consider when Choosing Your Baby First Name

Choosing your baby first name is a complicated process that requires a lot of effort and the power of persuasion from both parents. Of course, the most persuasive one wins! If you also add the effort and persuasion of relatives who are under the impression their names are the most beautiful and poetical in the world, the process becomes even more complicated. Don’t be fooled by their puppy eyes when they discreetly suggest you they would really love if your baby were to be named after them. Be strong and choose the name you want for your baby without any interference!

Considering the fact that your baby first name will follow him or her around...well, all his or her life, then you should take your time and make a wise choice. Although it seems like something fun and easy, it is not! Maybe is a bit fun, but you have to take your mission seriously.

In order to avoid having a baby who doesn’t like his or her name, or is the subject of teasing, here are a few things that might help you make the right decision.

1. The compatibility with the last name

This should be the probably the first thing you have to think of when initiating the selection of baby names. You should make sure that the first name of your baby will be in harmony with the last name. You don’t have to be Mozart to figure out if the names are compatible and have a certain musicality. You just need to listen to the combination. Avoid choosing a baby first name that ends in a vowel if the last name starts also with a vowel or name that rhymes. Not cool!

2. Trends

How to put this in simple words?! Just don’t! Don’t choose the first name of your baby depending on trends. As we all know, trends change, but your baby will have to live with this name for his or her entire life. So, don’t choose a name just because everybody does it. On the contrary, you should choose a unique name (not weird, unique!), a beautiful name that has a fascinating meaning or is part of your family’s heritage or traditions. Choose a name that your baby will be proud of and that everyone will just love to pronounce.

3. The initials and nicknames

Have some fun with the first and last names of your baby and see what words you might get from combing the initials. Also, try and think of all the possible nicknames your baby could be called, if he or she were to have the names you’ve chosen. Be creative because all the children who will play with your baby will surely be. We all know how mean children can be to one another, so it’s best to be one step ahead of them and choose a baby name impossible to make fun of.

Of course, in the end, your baby first name depends on your preferences and family tradition. But it would be recommended to actually listen how your baby name sounds before making them official.

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